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While koga's method of attack means that it is easy to catch him with the Magic barrier, his movement ability simply gets rid of the marks.
Submitted by jeveasy 3 years ago
The only thing you really have to look out for his his stun you massive hit box makes it easy for him to land it. If it is giving you trouble build resilience and he won't be able to do anything against you.
Submitted by jeveasy 3 years ago
When fighting Sha-lin as Moji you must get the drop on him if he sees you coming there is very little you can do to come out in the winning side of that engagement.
Submitted by jeveasy 3 years ago
General vs Moji
Use toot as Moji even after it's nerf it is her best talent no mater how you play, due to her massive hit box and limited mobility compared to others of her class she needs the reliable self sustain it provides, and it can help your team in a pinch.
Submitted by jeveasy 3 years ago