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General vs Pip
Flank/Damage pip is not as vulnerable as other builds use more caution when approaching him he has high burst damage and a heal. if your going to flank him try to wait till he shootsthe catalyst on someone else to give your self an edge.
Submitted by Saerkron 4 months ago
Ying's illusions are a great target for your shock pulse. hit it and anyone in healing range it will bounce to.
Submitted by Saerkron 4 months ago
General vs Furia
Furia is a high damage healer mostly for her pyre strike. this can seal kills and stop flankers in their tracks but it takes a long time to spawn just attacking her can bait her to use it and juke her out and seal the kill.
Submitted by Saerkron 4 months ago
Vivian's shield can be annoying for all characters but Pip can shoot next her or on a wall behind her to do splash damage to seal the kill if she is low health when she spawn it.
Submitted by Saerkron 4 months ago