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Cripple hurts Yagorath's Accelerate. Aside from that, Yagorath is favored in other aspects. 1) Sha doesn't have the best tank-burn compared to other DPS. 2) He is squishy. 3) Primal Vision and acid pools can keep track of his stealth.
Submitted by PaladinsAcademy 10 months ago
Acid Pools can AOE Skye while she's in smokebomb. And Primal Vision reveals her. If Yag is unable to kill the Skye, she can Accelerate away. Whereas Skye has no mobility. Hence this engagement happens on Yag's terms.
Submitted by PaladinsAcademy 10 months ago
General vs Moji
Ways to counter Moji 1) Shields to block her spray from creating marks 2) Vertically mobile champs that can take high ground and stay out of her range 3) Champs with long-range poke and/or decent mobility in general
Submitted by PaladinsAcademy 10 months ago