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General vs Inara
USE YOUR WALL! It blocks fatal attacks, (Terminus ult, skye ult, ruckus ult, willow seed, BK grumpy, etc...) Most healers need line of sight to heal. block vision from a single target with your wall and burst them down before their healer can react
Submitted by Luffykun420 4 years ago
General vs Inara
Your ult goes through shields. against a double shield tank on point this makes their longest cd's worthless. It also goes through terminus' absorb shield. Stunning up both tanks on point and blowing their 15 sec cd's is huge.
Submitted by Luffykun420 4 years ago
General vs Terminus
When solo tanking (strength of stone, playing god, unfeeling) combo makes you unkillable. You murder deployables on capture point without bulldozer. Vs slow use (It follows) Vs cc use (Forsaken) keep chopping at full movement speed. chop chop chop
Submitted by Luffykun420 4 years ago