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General vs Vora
You can counter a lot of high damage ult or abilities with obliterate or your ult. Maxing out at 80% damage reduction if done correctly with cards and timing.
Submitted by LtsRuwi 6 months ago
Vora does not counter Zhin for he has high damage plus sustain. He can time your obliterate w/billow&dash to counter it or cleanse bleed w/billow. To fight him: build stacks then fight. If not max stacks keep outside his basics
Submitted by LtsRuwi 6 months ago
General vs Yagorath
Don’t be a sitting duck as yago use your high health pool to get behind and do lots of damage and escape with mobility form
Submitted by LtsRuwi 6 months ago
I Like to stay up close with lían. Once you dive her use DS into melee she will then panic últ if she has it and you can counter with obliterate or ult. After she is a free kill.
Submitted by LtsRuwi 6 months ago