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NEVER stay at close range when fighting Mal'Damba, try staying at a confortable distance where he cant easily hit or stun you, and you revolver has the advantage.
Submitted by GLM 6 years ago
General vs Mal'Damba
NEVER underestimate a Mal'damba, he is the best dueling suport if the game, even as a flank be wary of his reload, never take on Mal'danba at close range alone, if you can avoid it.
Submitted by GLM 6 years ago
Mal'Damba is strong agains any flanker if played right, if they dont have cauterize, and you force them to fight you in your gourd is quite easy to win against most of them.
Submitted by GLM 6 years ago
General vs Androxus
Mal'damba is the best healer for duels, if the Androxus is foolish enough to get close to you where you can comfortably hit your shots and the reload stun you CAN win, but if he doesnt good luck waiting for respawn.
Submitted by GLM 6 years ago