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General vs Strix
while flanking Stix try to jump and mark your moves as much you can it will help you avoid his sniper shot and forces him to use pistol while ure near
Submitted by Aladine11 4 years ago
General vs Ash
Ash's ult is powerfull and easy to counter(all cc abilities) but you also can make her not even use it, like hook with makoa , torvalds ult , Jennos grip, Shalin's and Cassie's rmb arrow can block her 'Ult jump' or move her ult to other place
Submitted by Aladine11 4 years ago
General vs Strix
Strix invisibility is good and gives him advance agnist any flankers trying to kill him but if you are playing as flanker take illuminate and take care of him easly when he cant hide from you
Submitted by Aladine11 4 years ago
Strix can easly go 4 headshots on inara cause she is very slow but smart Inara can block his sight by using impasse and get dmg reduction from her abilieties (Strix can destroy wardens field totem but not Earthen guard which is applied on Inara)
Submitted by Aladine11 4 years ago