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Tips for the matchup: Willo vs. Androxus



Once an Andro tries to flank you, you should try to get one or two shots on him, then use your seedlings. He will most likely use reversal which gives you time to escape. This works best if Andro's escape ability is on cooldown (after he has flied)
Submitted by eliaslinde 5 years ago
If Androxus tries to flank and kill you, be careful where you shoot. If he uses Reversal, you can try to shoot behind him and use splash damage to kill him since reversal only takes damage from the front and Androxus can't shoot while in Reversal.
Submitted by Toxic-Nightshade 6 years ago
Androxus has telltale audio cues. Listen out for his Nether Step to know when he might be making a move against you.
Submitted by SilverBrick 6 years ago
Never use seedling for androxus he can reversal up to 3187.5 If he is flying try to make him go near the wall so you can shot him easier Try to note facing him 1vs1
Submitted by FIRMKUNG 6 years ago