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Tips for Terminus - How to play best against him in general



General vs Terminus
If you see Terminus with Seris run for your life because that's a fight you cannot win the best strategy is to either lure seris away from terminus or kill her without terminus even knowing cause he'll try to block all your shots letting her escape
Submitted by hanocooper10 3 years ago
General vs Terminus
When solo tanking (strength of stone, playing god, unfeeling) combo makes you unkillable. You murder deployables on capture point without bulldozer. Vs slow use (It follows) Vs cc use (Forsaken) keep chopping at full movement speed. chop chop chop
Submitted by Luffykun420 3 years ago
General vs Terminus
Fique perto dos inimigos ,Terminus é bom a curtas distancias,mesmo sendo lento
Submitted by NinjadaNoite 3 years ago