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Tips for the matchup: Makoa vs. Drogoz



when he jumps up in the air try to hook him down, he can do a lot more when he is above averyone. also he doesnt have any escape ability left after that.
Submitted by PiRO 6 years ago
When drogoz is flying towards you to kill you, throw the anchor at him and it will counter his ult.
Submitted by Mazaris 6 years ago
Dredge Anchor moves fast enough to hook Drogoz right out of the sky, and his weapons deal self damage, so hook him down and he's vulnerable to you and your supports.
Submitted by SilverBrick 7 years ago
As Makoa try to dodge his projectiles and wait for the lizard to land then strike, hook him next to you and your teammates.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago