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Tips for the matchup: Kinessa vs. Androxus



Right before Andro's Reversal shuts off you can send your fully charged shot at him (easy to headshot him when he's trying to position for Reversal) and hit him before the green things are gone. Pay attention to the sound of his Reversal.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago
Androxus is ridiculously easy to hit and extremely immobile when he uses his Ultimate. Stay out of his sight and take advantage of this to shoot him down
Submitted by OMFGIDIED 6 years ago
If Androxus gets to low health and puts up his reversal, you can time your shot to kill him right as he gets out of reversal. He will not be able to dodge it if you time it right.
Submitted by AverageMaleHuman 7 years ago
As Kinessa try to juke him. An easy way to do that is to jump to the left/right between your shots. But zoom out when your jumping so you have more movement speed!
Submitted by Taliwyn 7 years ago