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Tips for the matchup: Fernando vs. Drogoz



when drogoz ults, use your ult just before getting hit by it. it will counter it.
Submitted by PiRO 6 years ago
Drogoz has a great AoE Damage, that means that he is strong on point vs tanks , but for Fernando . his mobility like his mobile shield and his charge can survive Drogoz damage , that means that Fernando is the greatest tank against Drogoz
Submitted by IMGaming 6 years ago
I saw that many people tink that drogoz counter fernando , but actully not , fernandos ultimed is the only ability in the game that counter Drogoz ultimed.
Submitted by IMGaming 6 years ago
Salvo does insane damage to your shield. Wait for Drogoz to use his Salvo before pulling it out. If his team is not focusing you, you might save your shield if they decide to push.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
Immortal will protect both you and nearby teammates from Drogoz's Dragon Punch. Wait until Drogoz finishes declaring his fury, however, or Immortal may end before he reaches you.
Submitted by DefenderHero 6 years ago