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Tips for the matchup: Drogoz vs. Fernando



If Fernando doesn't have his shield up, try to hit him with your spit (don't detonate it). After it hits, you do more damage to him with your rockets, taking him down faster.
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago
When his teammates or healers are not around, and his shield is on cooldown, 1500 hp after immortal is pretty easy for drogoz to take down
Submitted by radlr 7 years ago
Remember to use your ultimate after his is on cooldown, otherwise he will not die, not yet amigo.
Submitted by Proud2bTryhard 7 years ago
When Fernando activate his Ultimate to counter yours, try to aim for his teammates that is not in the Immortal radius. This way you wouldn't waste your Ultimate.
Submitted by AaoronEdge 7 years ago