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Tips for the matchup: Barik vs. Torvald



It can be useful to bait him with your shield, and then use Rocket boots towards cover. Still an extremely difficult match-up, unless you have a DPS that is on-point with taking him out.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 6 years ago
When facing torvald use your turrets as decoy and get out of range of his beam, try to bring him to your damage dealer and keep spawning turrets to heals and disrupt his attack
Submitted by ploop 7 years ago
The shield can be used to interrupt his lock on attack. Best used in the beginning of a fight as he can't siphon higher shields then he already has at full health.
Submitted by Peacefuldeath 7 years ago
When facing Torvald closing gives you a disadvantage use Tinkering and Wrecker to take out the sheild
Submitted by Peacefuldeath 7 years ago
Try to time your barricade well, otherwise Torvald will siphon it, making it worthless
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago