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Tips for Ash - How to play best against him in general



General vs Ash
During Ash's Ultimate ability she is not CC Immune, Makoa can Dredge Anchor her out of her area and Bomb King can stun her with Grumpy Bomb. If she has the Battering Ram legendary she will use this to escape the stun and therefore be out of the area!
Submitted by ihavedaddyissues 6 years ago
General vs Ash
When Ash use her ultimate try to knockback her out of her ultimate zone. (Exemple : Hook her with makoa)
Submitted by CosmosMeme 6 years ago
General vs Ash
Ash's shield is small compared to the other tank character's shields (Height-Wise). If you can, try to get above her shield or go around it to attack her.
Submitted by Azurea 6 years ago
General vs Ash
Ash's ult is powerfull and easy to counter(all cc abilities) but you also can make her not even use it, like hook with makoa , torvalds ult , Jennos grip, Shalin's and Cassie's rmb arrow can block her 'Ult jump' or move her ult to other place
Submitted by Aladine11 6 years ago
General vs Ash
Bodyblock her when she tries to escape with her charge on low health, the 800 damage is usually better to take then to let her escape and get healed.
Submitted by Malus 6 years ago