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Tips for the matchup: Androxus vs. Ruckus



Try to get ruckus low and force him to shield before using your deflect, you can easily do this by out ranging him.
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago
Movement is key! use your dashes to move around him. If you're running low, Reflect so he'll stop shooting. it'll take a little for his gun to start back up, capitalize on that time. When ruckus ults, just deflect it. he usually wont stop.
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago
Ruckus is a good champion to use "Reversal" on; it might even outright kill him when he's using his ultimate. Try to get in front of him quickly when he's already firing on your teammates, but be sure to have an equally fast escape!
Submitted by Tinkernick 2 years ago
You can absorb Ruckus' minigun fire and then giving the damage back to him by using your Reversal skill
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 2 years ago