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Tips for Tyra vs Maeve

You can use "Hunter's Mark" ability before Maeve ult. So, you know where she is. Don't forget to increase the duration of "Hunter's Mark".
Submitted by Anonymous 6 years ago
Wait for her to pounce on you as she goes back as soon as she collides.
Submitted by tsuko9 6 years ago
Tyra can mark Maeve on her ult making her visible to you and your teammates if you have the legendary card. But keep in mind, Maeve deals huge amounts of damage and is very mobile making her not an easy target.
Submitted by darkblizzard_17 6 years ago

Tips for Maeve vs Tyra

Try to land your daggers, Pounce, and your daggers again as usual. She cannot escape very well
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 6 years ago