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Tips for Raum vs Inara

Watch out for Inaras that use treacherous ground, because her cripple prevents your soul harvest.
Submitted by ConcernedCitizen 11 months ago

Tips for Inara vs Raum

Raum has a big hitbox, and Inara's bloom is impressive. So, jumping with her (and away from his gun) allows you to hit him more than he hits you.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 year ago
Get Nimble from the item shop. Being lighter on your feet and with proper positioning (especially with warder's field enabled), you can circle him counter-clockwise (away from his gun). This allow you to hit him without him ever hitting you.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 year ago
Raum gets his cardio in and likes to run. Be sure to get the Treacherous Ground talent. That will stop him in his tracks with a quick cripple.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 year ago