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Tips for Mal'Damba vs Ruckus

don't try to repeatedly stun the enemy because the enemy can be stunned only every 3 second(unless you're using the wekono's wrath legendary) and that goes for every enemy. otherwise it's a good plan to use your stuns in 1v1
Submitted by Shiro_Tempest32 5 years ago
Your stun interrupts Ruckus' minigun fire, forcing him to spin it up again from the start
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago
ruckus doesn't have a shield in front of him that protects from stuns, so use your reload to deal with him. just avoid his high burst damage before you stun him, after that he has to spin his weapon for a second to get it back again.
Submitted by Shiro_Tempest32 5 years ago

Tips for Ruckus vs Mal'Damba

In order to avoid his snake stun, use your escape ability to the left or right. Don't draw back, since his snake travels much longer than his LMB attack.
Submitted by TheGamesFlow 7 years ago