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Tips for Makoa vs Maeve

If Maeve's Pounce is on cooldown, Dredge Anchor can be a death sentence for Maeve.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 6 years ago

Tips for Maeve vs Makoa

A single hook can spell doom for Maeve. although a [Pluck] Makoa can't one shot Maeve with his Hook, Maeve has very little chance to get away.
Submitted by AaoronEdge 6 years ago
When fighting makoa or are in boundaries of being hooked by Makoa, be sure to equip the legendary Artful Dodger as it can garauntee 100% escape with nine lives against ANY CC ABILITY (including most cc ults).
Submitted by NomNomMelon 6 years ago
If you happen to see a makoa and don't have any teammates on you, just back off and poke him if possible. It won't be long till one of your teammates Joins in. If so. Take him out toghether and try your best not to be in his hook range.
Submitted by Biniata 3 years ago