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Tips for Bomb King vs Mal'Damba

Generally, don't aim at Mal'damba when you activated your Ultimate, he will just slither past you straight-forward
Submitted by TheGamesFlow 7 years ago
Use Poppy Bomb as a possible escape when fighting Mal'Damba. If he's going Stun'Damba with Wekono's Wrath and you survive the first stun that hits you (if it ever does), get out of there; because more likely than not he's called for backup by now.
Submitted by WildCharger 6 years ago

Tips for Mal'Damba vs Bomb King

When bomb king uses his ulty try to predict and use your ulty right before he explodes. He will get feared when his ulty explodes and he wont be able to stack bombs on stunned targets.
Submitted by demonicware 7 years ago
Damba suffers worst from the stuns, but he can slither out of almost anything. If a BK is ulting you, slither THROUGH him, because it is very hard for BK to turn around. If you have your F on cooldown, pre-gourd yourself before any stuns, out-heal it
Submitted by Onixy 5 years ago
Stun'Damba is key here. If you can buff up the range of Snake Toss, fighting fire with fire can really hit Bomb King hard early-game - and late-game if he doesn't buy Resilience.
Submitted by WildCharger 6 years ago