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A Zhin can get a lot of counters off of Ruck before the Ruck even understands much of what's going on. If Ruck ults, you can get him to completely turn away from your team if you just stand in front of him with counter up (and the counter legendary.)
Submitted by main135s 2 years ago
This matchup is one of the harder ones for Skye. Try to move in after Jenos uses Void Grip. Skye's strength is mobility, and Void Grip takes that strength away from her (Albeit temporarily).
Submitted by main135s 2 years ago
A good strategy for this encounter is to hit Zhin with your poison bolts first. Most Zhins will panic counter or billow. After that, it's very easy to burst him down with basics when his defenses are used up.
Submitted by main135s 2 years ago