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Barik has a very large headshot hitbox from above him, so abuse this by getting ontop of him, this will also allow you to get over bariks shield
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago
Try to predict Lex's auto aim ability and deflect it! This should be able to take Lex down to a low amount of health. If you aren't able to counter ti it will all come down to who has better aim.
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago
General vs Androxus
Good aim will take you a long way on this champion. Learn his range. Always have an escape plan. Understand how to win every matchup (will come with time). Use your mobility!
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago
Save your Nether step reload for when you run out of ammo, this will ensure you can kill the seris before she can get away with her invulnerability.
Submitted by dazeroh 2 years ago