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While playing as Ash or Barik if the enemy skye uses her ult try to put up a shield in front of the bomb to absorb the damage
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
General vs Kinessa
Use your sniper to 1-shot people
Submitted by TheLegend27 6 years ago
General vs Androxus
Be a shadow and try to close your enemies like sneaky
Submitted by likable 6 years ago
Lex can kill Maeve easily because NO ONE ESCAPES THE LAW!
Submitted by Anonymous 5 years ago
General vs Khan
Khan is usually only a threat to the backline when he has his ultimate. Stay behind or inside your Frontline's shield to prolong or avoid Khan's ultimate completely as he cannot grab anyone behind a Shield.
Submitted by Isalva 5 years ago