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General vs Skye
Her ultimate kills a lot of champions instantly when standing near it. Take care and don't waste your mobility
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 5 years ago
General vs Moji
Do not shoot Moji when she is using her Magic Barrier. If you did, retreat because you are less likely to win the 1v1 fight with the Moji as she has higher DPS and burst damage.
Submitted by ReeeeeeLemon 4 years ago
General vs Talus
Talus is a champion with high burst damage and excels in a 1v1 against any unsuspecting enemy backlines. However he is vulnerable to any types of CC whether it is stuns, slows or cripples. If you are hit by these, then you're in deep trouble.
Submitted by TwoDollarHoe 4 years ago
When Evie goes into Ice Block, throw bombs on the ground next to her feet and detonate as soon as she gets out of Ice Block for an instakill.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 4 years ago
General vs Kinessa
Try not to underestimate Kinessa's close range damage! with her mines she basically has more damage per bullet than Viktor
Submitted by AaoronEdge 5 years ago