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When Evie goes into Ice Block, throw bombs on the ground next to her feet and detonate as soon as she gets out of Ice Block for an instakill.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 3 years ago
General vs Drogoz
Drogoz' ultimate does a One-Hit-Kill. Dodge it by moving away immediately before he hits you.
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 3 years ago
General vs Tyra
If Tyra is using the First Blood legendary card and/or liferip, you can use cauterize to counter the healing.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 3 years ago
General vs Seris
If you pressure Seris into using her escape, turn around and listen for Seris uncloaking. Try getting someone low in the mean time, this will often cause Seris to believe she is safe since you aren't looking at her and will uncloak to heal her team.
Submitted by MastaOfDisquise 3 years ago
General vs Kinessa
Try not to underestimate Kinessa's close range damage! with her mines she basically has more damage per bullet than Viktor
Submitted by AaoronEdge 3 years ago