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Tips for the matchup: Mal'Damba vs. Evie



it's better to focus chronos at first to get up your healing output, but when you have it at least at lvl 2, focus deft hands to help with your stuns. never go for reload speed with your cards. use your cards in a better way by focusing healing.
Submitted by Shiro_Tempest32 2 years ago
It's tempting to get deft hands when you know you'll have difficulty with flanks, but you should get your reload speed from your loadout instead. This will allow you to get cauterize so you can keep down the enemy frontline and help your tank further
Submitted by tstewart131 4 years ago
Create a loadout that has snake pit II or III in it (probably less if you have two tanks to heal) and practice nailing your stuns. If you stay grouped and land a stun, evie will get deleted. Try to stun her right as she comes out of ice block.
Submitted by tstewart131 4 years ago