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Tips for the matchup: Drogoz vs. Androxus



Fusillade is good against flanks if you can hit the direct shots. Flanks are basicly 2hit kills. If you cant hit direct shots, just practice! Best way to practice is on Onslaught.
Submitted by XaDaTV 6 years ago
If you still have your Thrust, time it near the end of his Reversal to make it miss and gain the upper hand
Submitted by ThePunchmaster 6 years ago
If Androxus is not using the Dark Stalker card, which gives him 3 charges of Nether Step, try and make him use his Nether Steps first to get to you. That way, he will be much easier to hit him on the ground. Use the card Fusillade to counter Androxus
Submitted by GameDiction 6 years ago
Try to bait out fire spit combo and reversal it back to him or a weak enemy.
Submitted by Jimmy30049 6 years ago
This is a hard matchup, but try and focus on the Androxus's floating while he is airborne. Shoot where you think he will float to, because he is very slow in the air and cannot dodge it without Nether Step. If all else fails, detonate Fire Spit.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago