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Tips for Androxus vs Vivian

No tips were written yet for this matchup

Tips for Vivian vs Androxus

If you are facing an Andro with the 'BOOBY TRAP' talent, keep shooting forcing him to use reversal, then throw your mine behind him.
Submitted by muskitoh 2 years ago
Try to keep track of Androxus ult, particularly when your ult is either ready or active, as Andro can burst all his ult shots on you to kill you and/or destroy your drones.
Submitted by Asanthri 2 years ago
With the 'BOOBY TRAP' talent, keep your mine activated near you, if Andro (or any other enemy) comes from behind you, it will do initial damage, alert you, and a little knockback making him lose some precision.
Submitted by muskitoh 2 years ago