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General vs Maeve
Maeve is a very good champ but you need to buy the right items: Haven or Blast Shield, Kill to Heal, Chronos, Cauterize are the best items. Only pick Wrecker if the enemy has a Torvald!
Submitted by CreamyPastel 4 years ago
Who I must write a commentary ?! I’m not a pro me !!!
Submitted by WhiteSystem 4 years ago
General vs Barik
Barik's blunderbuss does good damage, even from range.
Submitted by Cookiedwag34v2 6 years ago
General vs Kinessa
If enemy kinessa has ultimate hide behind objects so she cant kill you.
Submitted by hlopac 5 years ago
General vs Lian
Fucking run she will auto aim your ass
Submitted by Grrrr 5 years ago